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They go to a lake of fire and fry. won't see them again til the 4th of July..

Okay. So yesterday officially rocked hardcore. I went and met Sarah in Uptown. We walked around handing out fliers for her place of employment.. somehow this became fun to us. I guess it was a reason to initiate random conversations with people. Which worked to our advantage. Anyhow. We quit doing that and walked to her place. We sat and did our make up and listened to Bright Eyes album "I'm wide awake, it's morning". Sarah calls Willy (her neighbor friend) and asks him if he wants to go out with us. He accepts and we do the walk. To Mortimer's. We actually skipped Mort's and went to Rudolph's. We started there. We started with Absolut Vodka drinks. We had Mandarin, Currant and Raspberry. Then we graduated to a fine red cabernet. Eventually Alex met us and we did the walk again. Only this time I was two sheets to the wind. Or so I thought. I got to Mortimer's and EACH bartender gave me free shots.. and if you don't know. Mortimer's has 3 seperate bars inside. I ran into some people I used to hang out with. I got totally fucking annhiliated. We left at close.. this is where it got interesting even yet. Sarah had a crew.. I had everyone and Alex had a bunch of chicks. We walked to Aaron's apartment and for some reason Bren said he wanted to go back to his place. I've been to Bren's before. I knew what to expect.. so I went with him. Bren has one of the coolest fucking apartments in Uptown. ALL OF HIS WALLS ARE BOOKSHELVES.. AND FULL OF BOOKS.. (obviously) I wanted to see what Bukowski books he had. He didn't have half the books I have.. but he had "Ham on Rye". I read that. Two of Bren's lady friends came over. We sat around and drank.. then one of his friends suddenly started to annoy the shit out of me. I decided it'd be smart to leave. I walked back up to Sarah's. Determined to crash. I sat down and looked in my purse.. MY FUCKING WALLET WAS GONE. So, I called Bren. He says to walk down 22nd and he'll meet me. I'm walking along 22nd (and further than halfway ;D) I see some people standing outside of Aaron's apartment. I walk up and Alex asks if there are chicks at Bren's. We walk down 22nd to Bren's. Can't get into Bren's. So.. we walk across the street to the store. Eventually we hopped in a cab and Alex refused to drop me back off at Sarah's. He made me go home. Fucker. So. All my stuff is over at her place until I decide to go over there.. which will be around 6ish. Donny wants to get a bottle. Oh, wait! dude, Donny totally fucking forgot about my birthday. Didn't say "Happy Birthday" or anything. Actually blew me off because he was with Paul. So I was like, Fuck you, Asshole!

Today he's all like baby this and baby that. I'm like, wait.. I might be high.. but I just remembered that I'm angry with you. He's like, "Get over it, let me make it up to you tonight". I know exactly what he's talking about. I hope he has a fucking kit. Mine is in my backpack. I don't currently have possession of my bag. So.. That may pose a problem. Anyhow. Otherwise he's giving me head for like 2-3 hours.. in between drinking/smoking/whatevering. God, (sighs) he's good at that much. (wink)

anyhwhoo.. gotta go. Come on and kick me. Come on and kick me. you've got your problems.. I've got my hashpipe.
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