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I don't like the drugs.. but the drugs like me.

Lisa and Ry showed up. Lisa confessed to me how she and Ry went and scored for donny lastnight. I informed her of Donny's overdose and trip to the hospital. After discussing such matters we moved onto negotiate our scoring capabilities. Off to see the wizard.

I thought one way out of it might be to say that I have no clean needles. She rebuts with "we went to the needle exchange yesterday, we have the set-up". I'm like, "okie dokie, get us some fucking dope". Once again I find myself waiting. Waiting to get high.

Happy Birthday Ass. I'm gonna get high as shit on your birthday and hopefully forget about you for a while. I doubt it. but since Ry is here... maybe it will work. I still doubt it. I just need to get high. I can feel it.

Lisa walks into the bedroom and says to Mikey, "whats the score?" Mikey knows that this is common drug reference. He sits up on the bed and says, "Me and sis want to do some H today". Fuck. It's a done deal now.

Lisa and Ry will no longer hook Donny up with H. I guess he was speed balling lastnight too. Fucking idiot. I'm glad I wasn't with him. I'm glad I won't be with him today. I'm just glad.

I remember him pointing to my neck.. saying, "There's a good vein there, baby". He goes down to kiss that spot on my neck. He bites me hard and holds there for a while. I squirm with delight and kiss him on the cheek. Those days are gone. Baby is baby no more.
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