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this is the first day of my life.. I think I was blind before I met you.

So. Friday night I hung out with Nephi and Josue. We rolled around and smoked some buds. We went to the park and played on the swings. I sat on the table and rolled another joint. We left and smoked the joint behind Nephi's parents' house. Josue wanted to go to Perkins.. so we did. We walked in. Blazed. Our server comes up and asks what we'd like for beverages and hands us our menus. I request water. Nephi does too. Josue asks for Orange Juice. We order our food. But before that, the server comes up, sits down at our table and asks me if he can buy some pot off of me. I give him the nod and tell him to let us have our meal.. then we'd negotiate. He was off happily smiling.. looking back to wink at me. Nephi was somewhat amazed by this. So we had our food.. and I served the server.. we left. We chilled for a bit. I smoked some more bud with them. We goofed around. we sang songs and played rock, paper, scissors. I called my guy and asked if I could pick something up. He told me where to meet him. I did. The night was good until. I went home. Watched some documentary about Howard Hughes. My cousin comes home with his friend. They ask me to drive them somewhere. I can tell that the both of them are heavily intoxicated. I'm like, "sure, dude."

So. I drove them around ALL night. Listening to music. smoking cigarettes. This turned out to be quite profitable. =) I finally got the time to push off around 6 in the morning. I went down to a park by the Mississippi River. You can see all of Downtown from the place. I watched the sunrise. I went home. Went to Wal*Mart with my aunt. Got some stuff. Smell good stuff and other things I wanted. We go get breakfast for everyone and head home. I take a shower, get dressed, do my hair and make-up and end up hooking up with my guy. I called him before my shower and asked him if he'd be interested in getting coffee with me before he went to work. At first he said he had some things to do. So he suggested after work. I said sure and he tells me to call him around 5. I'm off to do my shower. But before I got to the bathroom door he called back. He asked me if I'd like to get breakfast/coffee with him. I told him I could be on my way in half an hour. He agreed it was cool. So. I pick him up. First thing he says to me is, "you look really nice today, Camielle". I thank him and turn around. He grabs his wheels and we're off. We go to a restaurant called French Meadows on Lyndale Avenue. All I could stomach at this point was a strawberry and banana smoothie. He ordered his food. I gave him some smoke. Like a quarter of some really good fucking buds. He thanked me immensely and I showed him that I had quite a bit more on me. He calls his guy and mentions it to him. He says he'll meet us there. His guy shows up. My guy takes the bag and goes to show it to him. I name a price and he says it's too steep. I take it down a bit and he still says too much. He calls back while Drew is in the restaurant. I answer the phone. He asks if he can smoke some of it. I tell him that we can smoke a blunt. Like drop Drew off at work and he could follow me back to my place.. then we could roll and smoke. Drew hears this from his guy and he comes and sits at our table. He tells me he doesn't think it's a good idea. I ask why. He says his guy will "Try to put the mack down on me". I ask what is wrong with that? He replies with, "I'd get jealous". Hmm.. I tell him I won't do it. He says I can do whatever I'd like. When getting into the car my panties went right up my ass. I grab his hand, put it up my skirt and on my ass. He touches my ass and feels where my panties are. I sit down. We're driving to drop him off and a little while later he asks me for my hand. He places it on the front of his pants. I feel his hard throb. I think I sighed and felt dizzy for a second. I dropped him off and he kisses me on the mouth. I kiss him on the cheek and am off. I go home. Aunt asks to go to Old Navy. We're off. We go get coffee. I got sit at her work with her for a few hours. I start to crash. I had no sleep whatsoever. I go in the bathroom and rail some H. I come back to the office and start writing. I go get her food and then go home. I get home and chill for a bit. I was thinking about hanging out with my guy. I didn't end up doing that. I ended up with Nephi. I walked over to his place. Kicked my shoes off and lit a joint. We sat on the floor next to mirrored closet doors. Watching the glow from the bowl. We leave and head towards Uptown. We go over there and go to a park. Nephi asks me if I'd like to go see a movie and eat somewhere. I'm like, "cool dude". We go get pizza. We walk around downtown Hopkins and find a bench. We sit next to eachother. It looks as though we're making out or touching eachother. We're actually shielding eachother so we can hit the bowl. I think he liked this. It seemed as though he became startled when I touched him. Anyhow. We go into the theatre and jump from film to film. I settle with "Beyond the Sea". I hadn't yet seen it and wanted to. I started to crash again so I went into the bathroom and railed some more H. I went back and joined Nephi. He had already seen the film.. but decided he'd stay with me because we were chilling together. Meanwhile my guy has some of my bud on him. He said he'd sell it. Nephi and I left the theatre shortly after my visit to the bathroom. I started to feel like I could vomit if I sat there any longer. We left and went for a ride. We ended up at the Sculpture Garden. We sat on the swinging sculpture and smoked a joint.. then a bowl. We layed there and looked at the stars. I saw Orion's Belt and it reminded me of my guy. Standing outside his friends' house.. him pointing at it and sort of brushing against me from behind. yes. We go pick up my bag from my guy and head home. I cut Nephi a deal and we head home. I also gave him some just for being such a pal. I was really fucked up. But he's a cool kid and I enjoy his company. I get home and I write a little in my written journal. I go to sleep. I wake up Sunday feeling refreshed and happy. I call friends to invite someone to join me for coffee. Everyone is asleep or not answering. Mikey answered though. I asked him if he'd like to go to Uptown and get some coffee with me. He says he'll have the kowboy drop him off. I get ready. We head to the bus stop. At the bus stop we both do rails of H. I roll a joint for us. We walk to another bus stop. We smoke along the way. I feel really good and walking feels sexy. We get on the bus. Oh. I called my guy and asked him if he needed or wanted anything. I asked him if he wanted food or needed smokes. He said he would be happy if I brought both. I went to a store called Fantasy Gifts with Mikey. We looked around and I settled for a Penis Candy Necklace. I went and got smokes for the guy. We walked to Vera's. A gay friendly coffee shop on Lyndale Avenue. We get drinks and sit outside. I had a shot waiting in my purse for me. I went into the bathroom and made one for Mikey. I pushed off and joined Mikey back outside. I bought my guy a salad, bread and juice.. I dropped it off and he told me to call him around 6. I left promptly to get back to my baby. We leave Vera's and head down Lyndale Avenue. We walk down about 5 blocks. we go to another coffee joint. One I know has a pretty cool bathroom. I walk in there with Mikey and head right down the stairs to the bathroom. I give Mikey his push. We buy some water and head towards the sculpture garden. We go down there and sit. I lay down some of the time listening to music. I sing aloud to my baby. We sit on the swinging sculpture. We lay on it. My head rested against his chest. We sit facing the sun. We sat down there for hours. We headed back to Mikey's. I went into the bathroom and made shots for both of us. We do them in the lounge. We sit outside on the swing. I love sitting on the swing. My baby Mikey makes a fire. He lets the tiki torches. We sit there and smoke. We also went for a walk around the block to smoke a joint. We come back and sit next to the fire. I invite my guy over. He's busy. =( I go upstairs to the lounge and lay on the couch. Mikey comes up a few times and sits next to me on the couch as I lay. He asks me to see my breasts. I pull my shirt up and grab my breasts. He asks if we can smoke a bowl. I say yes. We go outside and smoke. I go into the bathroom when we come back in. =) When walking towards the stairs that lead to the lounge, Mikey tells me to talk my skirt off. I walk slowly taking my skirt off. He tells me to talk everything off. I giggle and am off up the stairs. I drop my skirt next to the couch and lay down. I tuck myself in. I sit and think about life and truth. I'm laying there and Mikey comes upstairs. He asks me to stand up and bend over the couch so he can look at my ass and rub it. I stand up and bend over the couch with one knee on it. He rubs my ass with one of his hand. his other is rubbing my back. He spanks me gently and tells me I have a nice ass. I lay down and he goes downstairs to sleep. I fall asleep. I walk up today around 11:30ish. Mikey and I go outside and smoke a bowl. Mikey asks me if I "want to play doctor?" I tell him to give me a moment to wake up. I can barely see straight yet. I go outside and smoke a cig. I go upstairs and make doses. We push off. We smoke more bud. I take my clothes off and put them in the wash. I wasn't planning on spending the night.. didn't bring clothes.. don't have any here right now.. so washing them and taking a shower is the next best thing. I gave us both another dose before my shower. I am sitting now wrapped in a towel. My hair wrapped in a towel as well.

I really enjoyed sitting with Mikey at the garden. It was so nice. The sun shining down on us. Mikey enjoyed it. He said it was beautiful. He thanked me for bringing him there. We sat there for hours. We had a good night. I enjoyed it. He did too.

This is my update. I really need to go lay down and touch myself before my clothes are done drying. (wink)

Later Lovelies. <3333
-Miss Camielle.
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damn, you need to stop copying your journal into this community. This community isnt about your life.
много букаф, не осилил чтиво.